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Tattoo aftercare


Keep the tattoo covered and well sealed with plastic wrap for at least 2 hours, at most until going to bed. Make sure to work in a clean environment , wash your hands. Remove the cling film.

  1. Clean the tattoo with hot water and unscented soap : with the soap gently rub off all the goo that has formed under the plastic (plasma + sweat +ink ). Rinse and pat dry with a clean non fluffy towel or kitchen roll. Make sure no figures are stuck to the tattoo.
  2. Do not apply any moisturizer or any other creams. Cover it immediately with a new plastic wrap/cling film. Make sure it’s well sealed and secure so no air can get in. Take care not to allow any part of the tattoo to become uncovered when moving around etc.
  3. Next morning repeat the cleaning procedure and keep covered until the evening.
  4. That evening repeat procedure 1. You may leave the tattoo uncovered , but can cover it again for the first night if you prefer.
  5. On the second evening you may leave the tattoo uncovered, but can cover it again for the second night if you prefer
  6. Once the tattoo is left uncovered , keep washing it with unscented soap twice a day (morning and night) and at this stage started apply a gentle and fragrance free moisturizer after the tattoo has been patted dry (speak to your artist for recommendations).


Do this until the tattoo is healed. This normally takes between a week and half and three weeks. During the healing process the tattoo may feel dry, tight and itchy. DO NOT pick or scratch the tattoo as this can cause infection and / or result in the tattoo healing badly (patchy in areas where picked). After the tattoo is healed you may also want to continue to apply a gentle unperfumed skin ointment/moisturizer for a week or two as the skin can tend to be a little dry for a while afterwards. If any scabs have formed, do not pick them. A tattoo is not a wound, but it is nonetheless an ‘opening in the skin’ which can be more susceptible to germs and viruses even after the tattoo procedure itself. However clean the tattooing instruments are, germs and viruses can be present on the skin and in the surrounding atmosphere (including your clothes etc.) so avoid dirt, dusty environments and soiled clothing on your tattoo. A balanced diet, good amount of regular sleep, and stress free living also has an impact on your overall health. If your body function correctly your tattoo will heal better.


A shower is fine; just don’t have the tattoo immersed in water for any length of time while it’s healing. So no baths, swimming (pools, the sea, sauna, etc.) for two to three weeks after you’ve been tattooed but preferably wait until fully healed. Avoid heavy exercise where you’ll be swearing a lot and violent/contact sports for at least a week but preferably until tattoo is fully healed. Do not expose directly to the sun or go on a sun bed until the tattoo appears to be fully healed. Ideally no exposure to sun/ sun beds for 2-3 weeks.


If you think your tattoo needs touch ups, please allow at least this time and get in touch with us. We will happily have a look and proceed if needed.


If you have any questions , please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. However in the case of an infection , please consult your doctor.

Indications are:
– Redness and swelling
– Sensation of heat at the site
– Pain, usually throbbing or spreading of pain
– Unusual discharge (yellow, green or grey pus). It is normal to feel light headed after a tattoo or even feverish after a long session. Avoid driving discreetly after finishing. Make sure to eat and rest first. If the symptoms seem to be lasting after a good night of sleep, seek medical advice. A tattoo can be considered to be settled in after 4-6 months.