Ant The Elder

Performance collaborations with Rich Kightley, 2013-2016

Empathy, performance for Camera, 2012 (Genitals temporary transformed to refer FGM)

Torture Garden club performances with A’Harei group, Xmas Ball 2012 (Commentary on traditional values, sexuality, Christianity and gender identities through hook suspension and body piercing rituals)

Flyer and performance for Battlefields, self curated event, 18/02/2012

Tattoo portfolio showcasing sigil and magickal elements, obtained through transformative rituals

Spirit of 69 Installation and performance, Cable Street Gallery, 2011( Stonewall riots, skinhead and queer culture in the context of a Marxist space led exhibition)

Gender Is Sexism, Photography of Installation in Chelsea College of Arts studio, 2011 Stone circles and dolmen painting series, 2020 (ongoing) (celebration of ancient sacred

sites and old magick)

Altar prints commission for Eddy Elsey, a shamanic practitioner, 2020 (Totem figures, representing spirits of the local Land. Printed on handmade khadi paper, using homemade ink made with England blended incense ashes from my own daily spiritual practice. Shamanic practices influenced the process)

ExHerba / Olde Ways, long sleeve, 2020 (A celebration of the Olde Ways, local Lore and witchcraft)

Battlefields 2, Flyer and curation, 2012

Tattoo ritual at Star and Snake, New Hampshire, Samhain 2019 (Collective tattoo ritual in a converted 1904 built church, focusing on High Magick and witchcraft practices- four tattoo artists were involved and occupy each a corner of the space, based on cardinal direction and elemental preferences)

Flyer for Franko B’s and Martin O’brien’s event at Mori+Stein gallery, featuring documentation of a performance by Rich Kightley and I, 2014

Impermanence, 2021(sigil and skull manifestation)
Hercules, 2021, commission work (sigil and Hercules manifestation)

Documentation of a tattoo ritual by Body Polinski at Universe, Berlin, 2019 ( part of the Analog Ritual book project, an exploration of witchcraft, magick and rituals in contemporary western tattoo practices – in progress)

Black slip and scrafito incense and candle holder pot (in progress) Instinctive meditative Japanese inspired pot (in progress)
Devil Pot (in progres)